Monday, November 21, 2011

Cute Reindeer Monogram Ornaments!!

What you will need – felt, ribbon, sewing machine
I'm using an appliqué design that I found at planet applique but this technique will work for pretty much any shape you can think of!
I figured out I would need to do this shape in two parts, so that I could place the ribbon hanger easily without accidently sewing it to the antlers!!

Let's get started… Stitch out your appliqué on the felt. Cut out the pieces roughly – by sewing first, then trimming, it gives a nice clean edge to your ornaments . I wanted the year on mine, so I embroidered that on to the backing felt.

The antlers are done first, so place the smaller backing felt piece directly behind the antlers . Don't worry about pinning, the felt stays where it is. If you have one of these 'open toe' feet, pop it on, makes it easier to see where your stitches are going…

I'm using white thread for this part, if you think you might go over the edges a little bit, maybe try the clear monofilament stuff on top with a bobbin thread to match the underside. Stitch all around the antlers only.

Trim around the antlers, make the edge as wide or narrow as you like – I like 3-4mm on mine. Cut a length of ribbon for your hanger - 20cm should do it – and place directly behind the antlers. Pop your back panel over the ribbon (centre the date detail) and put a pin in from the front to make sure your ribbon doesn't move.

Now sew around the letter.
Trim up your edges (be careful not to cut your ribbon!) and you are done!!

Pop one on a card or use as a gift tag for a pressie!!

Kate x

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