Monday, January 30, 2012

Log Cabin - Block 2

I've been having a play with the Log Cabin block the last couple of days. It is the February block for the Quilt Bee I am a part of. I'm glad I had a go at some practice blocks first as I managed to misread the tute and cut my strips a little too narrow for the required 8.5in block (not a good idea when making a block for someone else!)  No big deal for the ones I made for myself - they were for the back side of a quilt anyway... The tute we used is from Red Pepper Quilts.

Block 2 for the QCA Bee - Fiona requested "Gelati" colours, something I have plenty of around here :)

And since I was in a Log Cabin kind of mood - and I needed a block for another swap - I made another one!

I really like the black/white/yellow combination, will have to use it again sometime soon...

Kate x

Sunday, January 29, 2012

ugh...time to get the machine serviced

I had a few minutes to myself this morning and thought I would try out a quick tutorial I had seen posted on one of my Facebook groups - what a drama that turned into!!

Firstly, I CAN actually sew. I have been doing it long enough to know how to do most basic things, and I have a decent machine that I can usually get to sew a straight line - I say usually because today I want to throw it out the window!! I had threads break, I broke a needle (it was hitting the needle plate?) AND my stitching looks so dodgy it could have been done on one of those toy machines you get from the local KMart ...time for a service I think.

I did manage to get my little item finished (thread breaks and all) - here is my phone cover, made using this TUTORIAL over at Luellabella.

I just fits my Galaxy (its an iphone tute). I didn't have any elastic that was suitable, so I have used one of my daughter's hair ties! I still need to pop a button on it, but I'm happy with how it turned out - even with the dodgy stitching!

Better get back to all my WIP's

Kate x

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More FMQ!

So I joined ANOTHER FMQ group! Found this one yesterday, I think I'm addicted ;)  If I get all the quilts made from the groups I have joined this year, I'm sure to be an expert quilter by 2013!


The January 'challenge' was a nice little leafy design. I used a variegated rayon thread to do my practise piece. I think it looks ok, the blocks I made last weekend definitely helped with the confidence for this mornings effort - I jumped straight in, and I'm pretty pleased with the result! I did put a little extra flower and some swirls on there, just to see if I could do it again :)
Some pics!

I am going to go ahead and do the sample quilt as suggested. I picked out some nice solid fabrics and I'm going to try Bamboo batting for the very first time! I should get that put together in the next few days, just in time for the February Block!

Kate x

Sunday, January 22, 2012


My first 4 blocks for the Quokka Quilts FMQAYGQAL
I started off a bit shaky with the loops and spirals (I did consider doing some 'practice' blocks after I started the first one - but you know what? These ARE the practice blocks!!). By the time I got to block 4 - I was loving it! The glass of wine may or may not have helped...

My favourite is definitely the last one with the flower!

I'm thinking a square quilt for these blocks - so either 9 or 16 - really liking the red and white choice so far!

Thanks for looking!

Another project started...

I started making a dress this afternoon. That might not sound very exciting, but for me terrifying sounds like a better word! Firstly...I'm not a dressmaker. I have made the odd baby clothes but nothing quite like this. I'm making my daughter an IRISH DANCING DRESS (google it, then you will understand).

I have put it off for 18mths but finally drafted the bodice today - thanks to some awesome online tutorials. 6hours into it, I'm stuck on trying to get the back darts sorted...have tossed it aside for the rest of the night, might have a look at it tomorrow when the brain starts working again.

Goal for tomorrow : get to work on the QAYGFMQQAL! I have 12 blocks pieced in red and white, and I'm loving how it looks so far, just need to get cracking on the FMQ - I'm already 4 blocks behind :(

Wish me luck!

Kate x

Monday, January 16, 2012

My first Quilt Bee - January Block

Here is the first block I have made for the QCA Quilt Bee - a scrappy strip block.

The January blocks owner requested 8in blocks, with the white strip down the centre and 'bright' fabrics. I like how it turned out, and can't wait to see what the finished quilt top looks like when all the blocks are put together!

I made similar blocks for the quilt I made before my daughter Alana was born last year - thought I would show it off ;)

Kate x

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I love Sock Monkeys!

I have found a new love, and it is Sock Monkeys! Not sure what it is about the cute little toys, but they are just so adorable and I want one in every colour possible ;)

So far I have made three, and with none I have actually kept for myself, I'm pretty sure there will be more coming along soon. I have so many inspirational pics on my pinterest, I have had to create a whole board to keep them all together!

Gratuitous pics of my Sock Monkeys

More to come soon

Kate x