Sunday, January 22, 2012


My first 4 blocks for the Quokka Quilts FMQAYGQAL
I started off a bit shaky with the loops and spirals (I did consider doing some 'practice' blocks after I started the first one - but you know what? These ARE the practice blocks!!). By the time I got to block 4 - I was loving it! The glass of wine may or may not have helped...

My favourite is definitely the last one with the flower!

I'm thinking a square quilt for these blocks - so either 9 or 16 - really liking the red and white choice so far!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great job! I love that you are using red and white fabric. So fun! Great job on the FMQ - wine totally helps, eh? I love that you added that spiral in the centre of your flower - great touch!

  2. Thanks M-R! The half glass of wine definitely helped me relax a little ;)

  3. I think ALL of your blocks look great! What a wonderful idea to alternate red and white. And wine definitely helps!

  4. You did a great job! Have you done FMQ before???!!!

  5. Love the colour! This is going to be really striking! Great work! (you're not going to join us for the full 24?)

  6. @Charlene - I have done FMQ before, but nothing more than a basic stipple for the last few years

    @Laura - I will definately be doing all 24 with you! I just think this red/white combo will look good as a square quilt (and I'm not sure I have enough of the red and white to make another 9 blocks - for a 5 x 5 square) ;)


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