Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catching Up

I finally had a few sewing moments to myself last night and thought I would catch up on the blocks I was behind on the FMQAYGQAL over at Quokka Quilts !!

First, the Square Stipple. Can you tell I never use my darning foot for straight lines??(Ignore the loose threads in the pics, I was a little too eager to get these pics taken last night)
The Lightning Bolts was next - my points are getting a little better...

This one is the Spiral Illusion . I was *really* tempted to pop the walking foot on - I resisted, and can't believe how straight these lines look!
Landscapes was next. It involved stitching over previous lines...and took FOREVER! I was sure if I had to replace any blocks in the quilt it was going to be this one. None of my stitches lined up with previous lines, my curves are all over the place and I was sure it was going to look like sh*t. I was wrong, it looks fine :)
I got a bit distracted at this point while looking at the video's Leah Day has made on You Tube (...I could do a different pattern each week and still be doing a new one for about 5 years!) I knew the 'sea oats' design was coming up, so I switched it for the Sea Oat Flower instead. 
I completely skipped the Pointy Paisley block. Something about all the angles just didnt appeal to me (see previous curvy looking squares and lighnting bolts?) This is the Pea Gravel Path... I LOVE it! Cant wait to use it on something soon.
10 blocks done, 14 more to go!  


Kate x


  1. All of your blocks look fabulous! Now I have to go catch up!

  2. They do look fantastic! You might have to invent your own and do a guest post... :)

  3. Hello! The Quokka Lady sent me and I'm now following your blog! I don't have much sight so don't see photos well at all, but I like the sound of what you've been making! I do intend to do some FMQing at some point, but there's a hundred other little things keep getting in my way at the moment ;) .... I started blogging just about 1 year ago and love sharing everything I'm doing, even if that hasn't been too much actual quilting lately! Looking forward to reading your posts!

    Giles (Touch And Sew / touchandsew.blogspot.com)

  4. Hi! Your FMQ is looking good!

  5. Laura sent me over, looks great!

  6. Your blocks look wonderful! And I love the idea of using red and white. Hope you are enjoying the quilt along as much as I am! ~Jeanne

  7. Your stitching all looks terrific. Wish I had remembered that you did Sea Oat Flower - I might have done a better job with that than what I did with Sea Oats. But as you say there are lots of designs to try out!

  8. Haven't done sea oats yetwill have to give it a try and your flower i like that as will.I will try them on paper first.


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